A dad in the kitchen.

About Us

Father of 3 teenage boys

Started cooking when in 4th grade, I brought home an international cookbook from the school library- first recipe was Brazilian "Sonho's"

By 5th grade, all weekday dinners were prepared by me.

Former owner of an italian restaurant

My three boys all help prep, cook and clean.  100% of their own accord and volition.

It is common to have at least one boy come into the kitchen to offer their assitance, daily.

We currently own 15 hens in the backyard for eggs.  Sometimes we raise meat birds.

We milk a cow every week for our milk consumption.  Can't remember the last time i drank store bought milk.

We strive to purchase local raised beef and pork.  

We totally shun factory raised meats, if we allowed our pets to be treated as our food animals, there would be a revolution!!

We strive to eat with the seasons- that which sustains the earth is best.  Cherries in the middle of winter may be nice, but how did they get here?

to be continued...




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